Acer’s new SpatialLabs tech brings 3D content to laptop screens

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A user uses Acer’s SpatialLabs on a ConceptD notebook at a desk with a pair of glasses to the left side and pens behind, holding a stylus. A 3D model of a building pops out from the screen with a blue background.
It doesn’t actually look this polished, but this is the general idea. | Image: Acer

Acer has announced SpatialLabs, a new 3D technology that will debut on the company’s ConceptD laptops. I got a chance to try it. It’s not something we’ll realistically see on a consumer device anytime soon — but it’s pretty dang cool nonetheless.

SpatialLabs is, according to Acer, “a suite of experiences empowered by cutting-edge optical solutions.” Plainly, it’s a set of tools that makes 3D work look very realistic and cool without requiring special glasses to see it. It delivers content in Stereoscopic 3D, which presents a pair of nearly-but-not-quite-identical 2D images (one to each eye) that combine in your brain to look like one 3D picture. (It’s essentially imitating what your eyes already do.)

SpatialLabs uses a combination of...

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