Adobe launches M1 Mac-native versions of Lightroom Classic and more

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Photo by Alexander Kramer for The Verge

Adobe is now shipping new versions of more Creative Cloud apps that run natively on Apple silicon Macs. Lightroom Classic, Illustrator, and InDesign have all been updated for the M1 processor, and Adobe says that you can expect average performance boosts of up to 80 percent across the suite when compared to an equivalent Intel-based Mac.

Adobe released an M1-native version of Photoshop back in March, while an update for Lightroom came in December. Many photographers (like me) still prefer to use Lightroom Classic, however, which Adobe maintains as a separate app within the Creative Cloud suite, so it’s good to see it get a performance boost to match the newer version.

Based on the results of a third-party benchmarking report commissioned...

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