Android 12 has been unveiled with a focus on personalisation and privacy

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Google has unveiled the beta of its Android 12 smartphone operating system which focusses on offering a deeply personalised experience for users that can adapt to their needs while offering a new level of security.

The first beta of Android 12 has been released to developers today following Google annual I/O conference.

Android 12 will be seen for the first time on Google’s next Pixel smartphone.


Users will be able to personalise their phone with a custom colour palette and completely redesigned widgets.

You’ll also be able to choose your wallpaper and the system will automatically determine which colours are dominant and which ones are complementary and apply them across the entire OS including the notification shade, the lock screen, volume controls and more.


Android wants users to feel that they device is responsive and, with Android 12, every tap, swipe and scroll will feel more alive thanks to smoother motion animations.

There are also simplified interactions with the underlying system which have been redesigned to make your experience more fluid and efficient.

And that speed will come with better power efficiency so you can use your smartphone for longer without a charge.

The under the hood improvements include reducing the CPU time needed for core system services by up to 22 per cent and reducing big core usage by the system server by up to 15 per cent.


The notification shade has been redesigned along with the quick settings and even the power button to help you get more things done.

The pull down notification shade is now more intuitive and has a crisp at a glance view of your app notifications and the media you are currently listening to or watching.

In the quick settings you can control practically the entire operating system with a simple swipe and tap.

This doesn’t just look different it also feels different and was rebuilt to incorporate Google Pay and smart home controls.


Privacy and security are more important than ever for customers and Android 12 now includes new features to offer more transparency about the apps that are accessing your data.

Users will now have more control so they can make an informed decision about how much private information your apps can actually access.

There is a new privacy dashboard that offers a direct path into your permission settings as well as what data is being accessed and how often and by which apps.

From here it will be easy to revoke app permissions right from the dashboard.

There will be a new indicator to the top right of your status bar so you know when your apps are accessing your microphone or your camera.

Users will also be given more control over how much information you share with your apps.

There will also be new approximate location permissions which will limit apps to seeing just your approximate location instead of your precise position.

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