Arcade1Up’s new digital board game table will be available for preorder in July

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Arcade1up’s Infinity Game Table. | Image: Arcade1up

Last October, Arcade1Up, known for its officially licensed arcade cabinets, launched a wildly successful Kickstarter for the Infinity Game Table, which lets you play digital versions of many tabletop games like checkers, chess, Monopoly, and Scrabble on a big touchscreen. If you missed the Kickstarter, though, you’ll soon be able to buy the Infinity Game Table for yourself: it will be available to preorder exclusively from Best Buy starting July 17th.

Arcade1Up says the Infinity Game Table will offer more than 40 games for free at launch, and you can download them by connecting the table to the internet. And there’s more than just board games: you can also download things like a puzzle app, a coloring book app, a sudoku app, and a word...

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