5 Professions AI Can Substitute in The Nearest Future

5 professions ai can substitute in the nearest future 3910

Artificial Intelligence is quickly taking over the world and transforming important areas of our technology into more productive environments. Since AI is so efficiently smart, it could be used in a number of important job-related functions and could, therefore, even substitute some. Researchers in the IT field agree that technology is an incredible method to keep updated on the latest trends and thus, evolve as a society. Since more tasks […]

Artificial Intelligence – A Key To Bright Future

artificial intelligence a key to bright future 3937

Artificial Intelligence brings a big revolution in technology and the whole world. It completely changes the way of completing different types of tasks. AI dominates lots of things in various industries. Artificial Intelligence is regularly progressing, and its usage is increasing, you can say that it is going to be the future. In the future, AI dominates various elements and provides perfection in everything. Some people are not fully aware […]

We now live in a World Where Robots Flip Patties

If there was one thing we were all dreaming of while growing up, it was a robot that would flip patties for making burgers. Miso Robotics has shown off it’s fabulous patty flipping robot. Flippy does more than just flip patties though. Its goal is to replace all risky jobs in the kitchen, such as using a deep fryer. Not only does it replace dangerous jobs, and increase productivity, it’s […]