6 Reasons Why Quality Content Is Still the King of Digital Marketing in 2020

6 reasons why quality content is still the king of digital marketing in 2020 3940

When it comes to overused phrases in the world of marketing, few other expressions can top “Content is King”. At the worst of times, it’s a phrased that’s used to unnecessarily upsell a client or update a website. But at the best of times, it’s a keen and catchy observation into just how important content is on the internet. The phrase “Content is King” was actually popularised in a 1996 […]

How to Use Gamification to Improve User Engagement?

how to use gamification to improve user engagement 3943

No matter how good your mobile application is, it will not help your business to thrive without getting higher user engagement. Your app should have a valid reason to prompt users to engage with it and encourage them to stay access to it for a long time. You should keep eyes on users to find out what interests them more to stay on mobile applications.  Gamification nowadays emerged as the […]