Halo TV show coming in 2022

halo tv show coming in 2022 3907

For a while now (well, it’s been nearly 9 years since it was announced) we’ve been waiting for the release of a Halo live-action series. Halo first started filing during November 2019 in Budapest. But due to COVID-19 they had to stop just over halfway in March 2020, resuming again in November. Pablo Schreiber, seen previously in Orange is the New Black and American Gods is staring as Master Chief Petty […]

How to choose headphones for music production

how to choose headphones for music production 3922

The real audio mixing happens with a great pair of headsets and an active monitor. Interestingly, some people decide to rely just on the headphones and end up disappointed. The reason behind such events can be many, either not grabbing the right devices or not paying enough attention to the science of the process. Let us tell you sincerely, headphones alone cannot do anything better just as the bad headphone […]

Heres whats coming to Netflix this September.

heres whats coming to netflix this september 3925

It’s that time again where Netflix has sent over their September manifest to us. 24 Netflix Original Series, 11 Netflix Films, 4 Original Comedies, 13 Original Documentaries, 10 for the Kids & Family, 2 new Original Animes, and 7 exciting pieces of licensed content that they call – highlights! We’ve got the whole schedule for September. Highlights A Star Is Born (2018) After falling in love with struggling artist Ally, […]