Solving the security challenges of public cloud

solving the security challenges of public cloud 3832

Standard operating processes exist for the simplest of tasks, so why isn’t there a standardized approach for dealing with security of the public cloud — something fundamental to our society?

Passwordstate users warned to ‘reset all passwords’ after attackers plant malicious update

Click Studios, the Australian software house that develops the enterprise password manager Passwordstate, has warned customers to reset passwords across their organizations after a cyberattack on the password manager. An email sent by Click Studios to customers said the company had confirmed that attackers had “compromised” the password manager’s software update feature in order to […]

Simple Ways of Protecting Your Website from Data Breaches

simple ways of protecting your website from data breaches 3919

The internet is home to unthinkable quantities of information, much of which is best kept private, so it follows that business owners spend a great deal of time and energy on fending off hackers and potential data breaches. It doesn’t take having your business security compromised to understand the importance of data protection, and yet so many businesses fall victim to data breaches every year. Whether you’re working with internal […]