Gillmor Gang: FreeCoin

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The current rave about newsletters and so-called or social audio is just the latest version of the story of podcasting. Take the idea that podcasting is experiencing a new wave of popularity and scaffolding. Are you sure? Apple is bent on turning the space into a subscription model, and we’re all going to twist again […]

What the MasterClass effect means for edtech

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MasterClass, which sells a subscription to celebrity-taught classes, sits on the cusp of entertainment and education. It offers virtual, yet aspirational learning: an online tennis class with Serena Williams, a cooking session with Gordon Ramsay. While there’s the off chance that an instructor might actually talk to you — it has happened before — the […]

How one founder partnered with NASA to make tires puncture-proof and more sustainable

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This week’s episode of Found features The SMART Tire Company co-founder and CEO Earl Cole, a one-time Survivor champion whose startup is working with NASA to commercialize some of its space-age tech. Cole won a NASA startup competition seeking entrepreneurs to work with its scientists and researchers on applications of innovations it created for space […]

Solving the security challenges of public cloud

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Standard operating processes exist for the simplest of tasks, so why isn’t there a standardized approach for dealing with security of the public cloud — something fundamental to our society?

Bobby Goodlatte has designs on how to succeed in venture (and so far, so good)

Bobby Goodlatte has only been an investor for about a decade, but he appears to have already made tens of millions of dollars, contrary to the expectations of some traditional VCs who have privately, and publicly, griped that too many novice investors have flooded into the industry. “I remember a very prominent investor saying at […]

Engineered earworms on TikTok aren’t that far off from disinfo campaigns

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Ever since I read this Bloomberg story about how songs are engineered to go viral on TikTok, I’ve had one thought in my head, if you can call it that — it’s more of a noise, or impression:  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Yes, it’s the sound of internally screaming. Just when I thought I understood how deeply social […]