Halo TV show coming in 2022

halo tv show coming in 2022 3907

For a while now (well, it’s been nearly 9 years since it was announced) we’ve been waiting for the release of a Halo live-action series. Halo first started filing during November 2019 in Budapest. But due to COVID-19 they had to stop just over halfway in March 2020, resuming again in November. Pablo Schreiber, seen previously in Orange is the New Black and American Gods is staring as Master Chief Petty […]

JBL launches Quantum Range in Australia

jbl launches quantum range in australia 3913

Today, JBL launches its Quantum range in Australia. Interested in a review? You can check out our review of the Quantum 600 here. JBL is well known for its great builds and sound, it’s been in the industry for years. Now, JBL is here to make a dent for the gamers in Australia. The Range QUANTUM ONE The Quantum ONE wired headset gives you pro-level audio with head-tracking enhanced JBL […]

Lets cast: Replica App for iOS

lets cast replica app for ios 3916

These days if you find yourself scrambling for a cable, or trying to go through a complex process for almost anything, you question why you have to in twenty-twenty. This comes with, the now favourable, casting to TV process. Your iOS device has mostly native support for Apple AirPlay, and unless you own an Apple TV it’s actually fairly useless. Some apps such as Spotify, and Chrome, come with custom […]

How to choose headphones for music production

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The real audio mixing happens with a great pair of headsets and an active monitor. Interestingly, some people decide to rely just on the headphones and end up disappointed. The reason behind such events can be many, either not grabbing the right devices or not paying enough attention to the science of the process. Let us tell you sincerely, headphones alone cannot do anything better just as the bad headphone […]

Top 5 Eco-Friendly Trends To Be Implemented In An Up-to-date Workplace

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The new millennium brought us a more eco-friendly mentality. Especially with climate change, Australian fires, and other natural disasters, we are becoming more aware of the human impact on the environment. As a result, corporations, governments, and individuals are switching to greener alternatives. Moreso, even the workspace changes to fit the new standards. So, in this article, you’ll find out about the top five eco-friendly trends to be implemented in […]

Artificial Intelligence – A Key To Bright Future

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Artificial Intelligence brings a big revolution in technology and the whole world. It completely changes the way of completing different types of tasks. AI dominates lots of things in various industries. Artificial Intelligence is regularly progressing, and its usage is increasing, you can say that it is going to be the future. In the future, AI dominates various elements and provides perfection in everything. Some people are not fully aware […]

6 Reasons Why Quality Content Is Still the King of Digital Marketing in 2020

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When it comes to overused phrases in the world of marketing, few other expressions can top “Content is King”. At the worst of times, it’s a phrased that’s used to unnecessarily upsell a client or update a website. But at the best of times, it’s a keen and catchy observation into just how important content is on the internet. The phrase “Content is King” was actually popularised in a 1996 […]

We now live in a World Where Robots Flip Patties

If there was one thing we were all dreaming of while growing up, it was a robot that would flip patties for making burgers. Miso Robotics has shown off it’s fabulous patty flipping robot. Flippy does more than just flip patties though. Its goal is to replace all risky jobs in the kitchen, such as using a deep fryer. Not only does it replace dangerous jobs, and increase productivity, it’s […]