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Google is preparing a new release where it will allow its users to leave comments within search results.

Recently this help document unveiled- “You can leave comments on things you’ve searched for on Google, like a sports game. You can also read and rate comments left by others.”

There is already a policy in place that will help regulate the comments and hopefully not make it another spam-land for black hat SEO’s to get their way. There are already provisions that may help limit abuse of this feature, however only time will tell if this add-on will really be of benefit.

A new comments section is also available in the Google user profiles within the search contributions section. The following is found in the comments section.

“You can add comments to sports games on Google while those games are live. Find out more

Although this news is not confirmed to be live in any country yet, the above evidence indicates that Google might just allow users to comment on search results.

According to the Google help docs, this is how the commenting will work:

Once you have performed a search, you’ll be able to click on the ‘more’ button, click ‘comments’ and then click on ‘Viewers’. Following this you can click on ‘Add a public comment’ and type your comment.

It is unclear when this update will be rolled out, but like the past updates we mentioned on our blog, you never know what’s next.

Some people say it’s going to open the doors for spammers and others say its an urge to bring back the Google+ users they’d lost because of the shutdown. We think Google constantly works on enhancing user experience and this may be an attempt to better serve the results and help its users in making the right decision.

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