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When a team of talented and motivated photographers and videographers come together, special moments are embued with magic. And that’s what we specialise in: turning special moments into lifelong memories.We are a documentary wedding photography and videography company based in Sydney and Beirut. Our style is varies depending on the nature of the event, the ambience of the wedding, and the vision of the couple.

For us, wedding photography is about capturing the special moments of your wedding in a way that makes them more and more magical each time you look at them.

In a highly competitive industry, our team of experts brings a certain energy, creativity & flair that borders on the world of fantasy, yet we are real, everyday creatives! Preserving fleeting moments in a way that revives them over and over again is our craft. We love what we do – that is why we do it! And the feedback that we always get from our clients makes us love it even more with every new event that we capture. 

To our clients that eventually became our friends and family, your messages move us and give us more encouragement to do even better.

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