Jerry Seinfeld’s Pop-Tarts obsession is turning into a Netflix movie

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Comedians In Cars w. Jerry Seinfeld & Eddie Murphy ‑ LA Tastemaker
Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Netflix

Jerry Seinfeld is perhaps best known for co-writing and starring in Bee Movie (fine, also for co-creating one of the most beloved televised sitcoms). But since that daring project, he hasn’t really returned to feature-length films. That’s about to change — Deadline and Variety report that Seinfeld is co-writing, directing, producing, and starring in Unfrosted, a new film about the origins of Pop-Tarts, for Netflix.

Seinfeld’s fascination with the toaster pastry is well-documented, featuring the breakfast food in his stand-up and in a New York Times video interview on joke writing. Seinfeld is penning this film exploration alongside Spike Feresten and Barry Marder — two of Bee Movie’s co-writers — using the classic stand-up bit as a...

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