June 2019 Core Update — SEO Update

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Just a few hours ago, Google announced that their June 2019 Core Update will be released tomorrow!

Google constantly releases algorithm updates and we never know what they are or when they are implemented. This is one of the first times they have announced a Core algorithm update!

 As we can only speculate what will be included in the June core update, there are a few ways to ensure that your site is prepared.

Content is king!

Make sure that your content is optimised for your chosen set of keywords. Engaging content is the key in making sure that your site will grow big and convert more.

Focus on your page structure so that your potential customers can continuously be engaged and find what they want easily! Ensure that it is fresh and engaging, but also consider linking one page to another so that users can easily find out more about your products and services!

A clean Backlink profile

Some sites may be filled with backlinks from questionable sources, and Google are on to it! As Backlinks are the most common reason for a Google penalty, clean up your backlinks to ensure that your site’s authenticity is the best it can be.

If you outsource your SEO, you should always keep an eye on new backlinks created for your site. There are a lot of non scrupulous techniques that could get your site penalised

UX: User Experience

Overall, this ensures that the overall user experience from entering your selected keywords to your website is the smoothest it can be!

Is it easy for potential customers to find your products and services? Is there an easy way to contact you from any device?

As most users are now searching from their mobile device, and as Google is now indexing for mobile first, you should ensure that your site is displayed correctly across all devices with Call To Action buttons at the perfect location.

While looking over these aspects of you website, don’t forget about maintaining your code to text ratio, site speed and using clean code! These will always help your business get higher and higher in google search results!

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