Meta Descriptions Increased to 320 Characters

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Google recently confirmed that they have increased the meta description length to 320 Characters from 160 Characters. According to Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Land, the change in the Meta Descriptions is done to provide descriptive snippets.

Our kitchen of experts started cooking after hearing the new update and noticed that most of our ranking pages have started showing up longer meta descriptions in Google.

The new update will help in providing more useful information rather than just stuffing of keywords in the meta description. It is recommended not to update the meta descriptions or title. Google automatically picks up the update based on the page content and search relevance.

But the length of meta description for Search Engines like Yahoo and Bing still remains the same as of today. So, it’s a best practice to make sure that your important highlights of the page are included in the initial part of the meta description.

You can use online tools to check if your meta description length can be read everywhere in search engines. With these changes and the best answer snippet test being performed by Google at the moment, we can hopefully find a lot of changes in the snippets and results in the coming days.

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