National Police Checks go digital in NSW

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The NSW Police Force has provided a secure service to enable organisations to obtain criminal history checks for all employees in the one place. Currently individuals can apply online for a National Police Check directly from the NSW Police Force. Going forwards, this service will be expanded to Private and NSW Government Organisations to become registered and conduct checks directly and securely through the protected online portal.

The digital service was launched earlier this year for individuals, removing the need for third parties as it provides an end-to-end process from application submission, identity verification, payment and the issuing of a branded, digital NSW Police Force National Police Check Certificate. Organisations can use this service to perform nationally coordinated criminal history checks for employment, licensing, adoption, volunteer or probity purposes.

“This is a seamless and straightforward process with the NSW Police Force. Police continue to deliver quality customer service, and with the online platform, we can offer not only convenience and flexibility but a secure portal for organisations to manage National Police Checks,” said Assistant Commissioner Michael Fitzgerald APM, Commander Forensic Evidence & Technical Services Command.

Registered organisations will receive a secure, digital certificate that is NSW Police Force branded and, for the majority of checks, available within the hour, in their nominated email address. Organisations can register to receive access to the secure online portal and utilise the platform’s tools to coordinate employee/applicant National Police Checks.

“The NSW Police Force is a badge you can trust, so when you provide information through a police platform, you know you are dealing with a credible organisation who prioritises your data privacy and safety,” Assistant Commissioner Fitzgerald said.

The process is also convenient for applicants, as they can apply anywhere, anytime and on any device. Applicants can also digitally verify their identity without the need to upload or obtain external verification of documents. Tailored payment options are also available to each registered organisation, from monthly invoicing or an applicant-pays scheme.

To register, organisations can download an application form from the NSW Police Force website and email completed forms to the Manager, Criminal Records NSW Police Force for verification and approval to access the Secure Online Portal.

Image credit: © Zajda

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