New partnership to bring intelligent automation to Canberra

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Synergy Group, a Canberra-based professional services firm, has announced plans to work jointly with Reveal Group, a leader in intelligent automation services. The collaboration is forecast to help the Australian public sector expand the deployment of process automation technologies. The agreement will result in Synergy Group and Reveal Group’s future government automation services being provided through a collaborative team of specialists. Leveraging the respective strengths of these two local Australian companies will enable them to provide the services required to support large government automation programs across the country.

Galia Cornish, CEO of Synergy Group, said the agreement will offer clients a unique set of capabilities and assets in digitising their enterprise through intelligent automation. Cornish forecasts that this will drive simpler, leaner, distributed business services that can make fast, AI-supported decisions.

“Synergy Group’s highly regarded team and relationships in Canberra, combined with Reveal Group’s leadership in process automation, will make intelligent automation a reality for our clients,” said Cornish.

Ian Crouch, CEO of Reveal Group, added that Synergy Group’s complementary capabilities will enable Reveal Group to provide a breadth and depth of capability to support all types of government automation programs.

“Reveal Group is proud of our Australian heritage. We have grown from an innovative Australian start-up in 2005 to a successful world leader in intelligent automation services. Our key differentiators are the deep technical expertise of our people, our world-class automation accelerator tools and our automation training. We are fortunate to have found a partner in another Australian success story, Synergy Group, who have built a strong presence in Canberra,” said Crouch.

Intelligent automation solutions enabled Australian businesses and governments to respond to rapidly changing needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. These technologies have enabled organisations to provide new customer services, handle spikes in transactional volumes, be responsive to customer needs and facilitate the reshoring of critical processing. The speed and cost benefits of intelligent automation makes it a critical component of every transformation program going forward, particularly across the public sector.

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