NZ Govt enhances emergency comms tech with Whispir

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The New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE) has engaged Whispir to provide effective management of its emergency response communications to 5500 staff members in New Zealand and offshore. Whispir’s technology will primarily be used by the internal MBIE Emergency Management team to send out notification alerts via pre-designed message templates to some or all employees, depending on the nature and location of the issue. The templates are set up to target employees on certain distribution lists based on worksite or building location, creating a quick way to communicate with MBIE staff spread across a large number of offices in New Zealand and offshore. The initial messaging will cover a range of emergency scenarios, including COVID-19 alerts, natural disasters and IT outages.

MBIE is the seventh national government agency using Whispir’s communications workflow platform in New Zealand. Jeromy Wells, CEO of Whispir, said Whispir’s templated workflows automate communication processes and remove the risk of human error in a high-pressure situation, to ensure that affected personnel are contacted at scale and in real time, thereby providing a sense of control about dealing with future events effectively.

“When unexpected events happen, it is crucial that employees receive information at the right time in order to remove friction from the communications process, optimise the response and get the best possible outcome. In these emergency situations, such as those that may impact MBIE, our technology really shines and adds resilience and the capacity for organisations to be on top of their game to meet expectations of the community or key stakeholders,” said Wells.

Adrian Regnault, General Manager of the Workplace Branch at MBIE, said that emergency alerts via SMS and email are the best form of communication during an incident. “During the COVID-19 lockdown last year it was clear that this form of communication was the most effective and that our people were able to be kept informed directly with up-to-the-minute information,” said Regnault.

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