Providendis - NDIS and Allied Health Management Solution

Since Brandplus Solutions works closely with many NDIS providers, either by helping them get online, manage their social media, or improve their business altogether in partnership with Connektivity Consultancy, one of the main things that most NDIS providers complain about is the software they use to manage their company: it’s either too expensive, too complicated, doesn’t have all the required tools, or other issues.

This is where Providendis comes in. 

Providendis is the solution for managing NDIS providers. When the beta is released in September 2021, it will have the core functionality needed for providers to manage their work such as client and staff profiles, the ability to generate quotes, service agreements, or invoices, rostering, and more. Providers who sign up on the website before the release will get a free 3 months trial of Providendis before they buy it.