Scammy iOS app discovered that refuses to open unless you give it a good review

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A selection of app reviews detailing the scammy behavior. | Image: Kosta Eleftheriou / App Store

App developer and scam app hunter Kosta Eleftheriou’s latest discovery is a real doozy, an iOS app that refuses to function before you give it at least a 3-star review in the App Store. Although the UPNP Xtreme app — which claimed to let users stream video to their TVs — now appears to have been pulled, we were able to verify that it generates the App Store rating box the second it opens. You can’t dismiss the ratings box, nor can you tap the 1 or 2-star ratings, Eleftheriou said. We verified this behavior, but some other users report they were able to dismiss the dialog box or leave a lower rating.

This is just the latest scammy app to have been unearthed by Elefheriou, who’s been waging a war against them after his own Apple Watch...

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