Sonos just fixed the main drawback of its excellent Roam portable speaker

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Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

I’m generally a big fan of the Sonos Roam, but in the months since the portable speaker was released, I’ve definitely come across one downside: subpar power management. When the device is sitting around idle, its battery drains much faster than I’d like — and more rapidly than most Bluetooth speakers. Sometimes that means a dead Roam at the very moment you want to use it most. This has led me to completely power off the speaker when it’s not being used, which is less than ideal for something that’s meant to slot into a multi-room sound system.

Thankfully, today, Sonos has made some improvements to address battery drain.

After installing the latest software update (with the Sonos app on Android or iOS), the Roam should last longer on a...

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