Sonos updates the One SL to make it more power efficient and recyclable

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Photo by Dan Seifert / The Verge

Sonos is refreshing its One SL speaker, which doesn’t have always-on microphones or integrated voice controls, to make it more power efficient and recyclable, the company confirmed to The Verge. However, the new model won’t have any additional features or functionality. The updated speaker first appeared in FCC filings published Monday.

The primary change in this new One SL is a “more efficient” wireless radio, according to Sonos. The base of the speaker has also been redesigned to remove extra plastics and “stickering,” and the product packaging has a “more sustainable design” like what’s used with the recently released Sonos Roam. And while there won’t be any new functionality, Sonos says that this updated One SL will only work with...

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