The Nvidia Shield’s Android TV interface is getting a Google TV-inspired revamp

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Featuring a new Discover tab, and a redesigned home screen. | Image: Nvidia

Starting today, Nvidia’s Shield devices are getting a revamped user interface, similar to what we saw come to other Android TV devices in February. The biggest change is a new Discover tab, which features content recommendations grouped by genre. The “All Apps” screen has also been tweaked: it’s now simply called “Apps” and uses a full-screen layout that Nvidia says shows more apps at once.

The new design appears to have drawn inspiration from the Google TV software on last year’s Chromecast. They’re not identical (Google TV has the recommendations-focused “For you” tab as its home screen, for example), but there are obvious similarities. Most notably, the large circular app icons on the left side of the display have disappeared, and...

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