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Tina’s E-boutique is small business that was initially started by a full time mum by selling imported men and women’s perfume. And with the love and support of the community, this small business expanded to an e-boutique that sells mainly perfume and many other “pre-loved” items.

Why e-boutique? And why pre-loved items?
Selling pre-loved items was a creative idea to help this full time mum support other mums as well as single mums in the community to find a way of getting a little extra income as a contribution to their lovely families.
E-boutique is an online shopping stop to many who cannot wait to see what’s new every time. Also, it welcomes many to pop in and physically check us out if you are local!
Help us make a difference and add a smile to as many families as possible by buying and/or selling through e-boutique.

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