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TJN Construction has maintained its tightknit and performance-oriented culture from our humble beginnings as renovation specialists and through the growth of the constantly evolving construction industry.

Beginning as a two-man operation, we have seen great success and growth by providing a straight-forward, no corner-cutting approach to our projects. As we have grown, we have come to take great pride in our work and with the necessary back-office staff to ensure constant and adequate support, we are confident in providing the best possible outcome for our clients. We are currently operating with a specialised front and back-of-house team, and have a plethora of channels to acquire a larger workforce if necessary.

With a specialist team and decades of cumulative experience, TJN Construction can help our clients with anything they need when it comes to construction and renovation. Having consistently managed a high turnover residential portfolio, to dealing with large multi-national corporations in the past, we are looking to provide our services to all projects of all sizes; and looking to specifically scale into the Government and Council tender market.

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