What Happened at Google I/O 2019? — SEO Update

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Google recently hosted their annual event in California, Google I/O, where they presented updates on several different products. With Google announcing so many new and exciting things across all their platforms and products, here are the important digital marketing updates which are important for your SEO and PPC campaign.

The ‘Behind the Scenes’ Updates

The Evergreen Googlebot update is all about the powerful rendering system which reads your site for SEO. With this state of the art technology, it means that Google will be able to read and understand sites better than ever before! So make sure that your site is the best it can be!

Artificial Intelligence is also up for debate as the Google algorithm will now process and review different queries with AI in order to understand and serve more relevant results to users’ search queries.

Google will also place high importance on structured data snippets and develop additional markup to answer user’s queries on a way more comprehensive base.

Lastly, there are a few Adwords updates. There will be new bidding strategies and insights offered for search ads. There is also a controversial possible update with Paid results occupying a more prominent space than organic results.

Optimisation Updates

As we already know, Google is conducting Mobile First Indexing and now placing importance on Image Optimisation. As most searches happen from mobile devices, Google has again confirmed that optimisation should be for mobile first. Google images are also becoming a priority for optimisation, as you can now even display 3D images in your environment for some queries.

Within your Google Search Console, you will soon be able to see Speed Insights. This will show you how fast your site is loading for each page.

Some industries will be heavily affected by new features rolling out in the next few months. For example, restaurant owners should know that google will allow users to directly order meals from Google results themselves, being able to view pictures for each and every dish. So take advantage of this opportunity before your competitors!

There is way more to learn from Google this year than ever before! We now have a better picture of what Google will become and the value provided from Google I/O should be at the center of every discussion for businesses running an SEO campaign.

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