Zoom is adding new options for sharing your pronouns

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Screenshot of a Zoom window showing three people on a call. All three people have their pronouns in parentheses next to their names. Behind the window is a light blue background with different pronouns listed across it.
A Zoom call with pronouns displayed. | Image: Zoom

Zoom is adding a new field for pronouns today, along with options to manage when they’re displayed. Pronouns will appear in parentheses next to people’s names in calls, essentially the same as how they’ve looked up until now when people have manually entered them. They’ll also be visible under people’s names on their profile cards.

Pronouns will be visible by default on the profile pages for accounts on the free Basic Zoom plan, as well as for accounts with a single licensed user. The field will be off by default for accounts with multiple users, though administrators can turn it on in their account settings.

Image: Zoom
You can set Zoom to ask if you’d like to share your pronouns.

People can also decide...

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