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Ralph Haykal is a young passionate music enthusiast and artist, who was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon.

He accidentally discovered his talent for singing at the age of 13 yo, when he first performed at a local restaurant in front of a large audience.

At the age of 17, Ralph focused on taking singing lessons with music producer Pierre Mrad and recorded a Gospel song called “Jan El leil” with both him and composer Fouad fadel.

He pursued his higher education in both Business Marketing & Advertising in parallel with Music theory & Practice at NDU – music school with music coordinator, instructor and vocal trainer Jihad Zeidan.

He also took oriental sight singing & music theory, vocal training, and Oud instrumental lessons with the late and highly respected Dr. Fouad Aouad who taught and graduated many artistic famous figures.

He subsequently joined his local church choir as a soloist where he slowly cultivated and developed his unique sound .

Ralph never stopped fighting for his dream of performing his own music and put his heart and soul into learning the art by working alongside pioneers in the music industry, who inspired his technique and style.

After acquiring some experience, he started juggling performing professionally in various luxury hotels, resorts as well as private and public events in both Qatar and Lebanon while working at a contracting and trading company .

After realizing he couldn’t truly live up to his potential and have a full-fledged career in music in Doha, Ralph took the difficult decision of leaving Qatar where his family resides and coming back to Lebanon in order to follow his heart and passion for music.

Ralph is now finally fulfilling his lifelong dream of producing his own music with Mounir Bou Assaf (writer/poet) and Wassim Boustany (music composer).

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