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General Description

By ordering your website design from Brandplus Solutions, one of our representatives will get in touch with you by phone or e-mail in order to get your order specifications. That representative will also advise you on the best and trendiest things to have in your website or for your business, so feel free to ask any questions you have. 

What you will be getting

Order now and get your first year maintenance for FREE!


As soon as you order a website from us, you will get unlimited maintenance* and revisions for the first year in addition to a free domain and hosting from Brandplus. When your first year expires, you only need to renew your domain and hosting through the Brandplus hosting account we will provide you. You can also renew the whole hosting, domain, and maintenance package for the same price annually.

You already have a website that only needs tweaking? One of our representatives will go through your needs and provide you with a very affordable offer. 

When you have a website from Brandplus and your first year goes by but you still need maintenance and revisions, this offer is for you. You may opt-in for the monthly 69 AUD or save 2 months by paying 799 AUD per year. 

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Terms and Conditions

1- Renewal of hosting costs 45 USD per year. Domain may be included depending on domain type. 

2- Changing the complete website for existing customers costs 399$ in addition to the regular maintenance fee. 

3- In case there is no maintenance contract, maintenance or update requests will be considered as custom orders unless the client opts in to the maintenance contract and pays the amount to cover all months since the cessasion of the previous maintenance contract.

4- Brandpluss is not responsible for any content placed on any clients’ website and will only post on the website whatever the client has already pre-approved. Anything not pre-approved by the client and posted on the client’s website as part of a requested task ceases to be the responsibility of Brandplus Solutions 5 business days from the date of upload. 

5- All maintenance requests (unless urgent) are addresses within 10 (ten) business days.

6- Maintenance requests are only deemed urgent if they are causing the website to break or to be rendered unusable. Urgent requests are addressed in 1-3 business days. 

7- Maintenance requests (urgent or otherwise) are only deemed received once an e-mail to is sent and a confirmation received. 

8- Brandpluss may change, add or remove any offers without prior notice. In such a case, any pre-purchased contracts remain effective until their expiry. Brandplus Solutions may also refuse to renew a client’s contract upon expiry.

9- All website content must be provided by the client. Brandpluss may assist in the search for royalty-free images and may provide insight into the best way to write a certain part of the website but will not assume responsibility for this matter.

10- Website contracts are deemed started from the day the offer is accepted and the payment made even if the materials for the website have not been fully prepared by the client.

11- Websites created under these offers are considered General Category websites such as general business websites and personal websites. Specialist websites such as learning platforms (moodle) and e-commerce are ordered separately and follow another pricing scheme. 

12- Upon contract approval, half of the invoice is due. The work will not begin until the deposit has been done. The remainder of the amount is due upon the delivery of the first draft. All websites come with a one-year maintenance contract, so we will keep making requested updates to your website until you are satisfied, provided a full theme change is not requested. In that case, a new price may need to be negotiated. 

13 – The above terms are deemed in effect once a deposit is made. 

14- Refunds are only available if no service has been delivered. Brandplus Solution retains the right to refuse the refund of a deposit once the domain and/or hosting is purchased. 

15- Brandplus Solutions reserves the right to deny repairs for issues caused by plugins, themes, or other codes installed by the user without prior consultation or approval from Brandplus Solutions. 

*Maintenance requests covered under this contract, except in the case where the website is unusable, are considered minor and part of the contract if the duration for their execution does not exceed 10 minutes and/or their number does not exceed one per week. Anything that exceeds the above duration or frequency is considered as a custom order and will be billed at the hourly rate of $35 per half hour.